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“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” are the 3 Rs of waste minimization strategy to create a more sustainable way of living and preserve the environment for generations to come.

An environmentally friendly approach to living is going green by going vintage! This embraces the 2 Rs “Reduce” and “Reuse”. By buying vintage or pre-loved items such as vintage clothing, accessories and handbags, you are reducing the amount of waste that could be created by throwing these items away as well as the waste created by manufacturing new products (not to mention reducing the amount of money you will spend on clothes and accessories, as vintage items are generally cheaper than new ones!).

A great tip for modern people who wish to live in a more eco-friendly fashion is to reuse old garments by either holding onto them for many years (fashions come and go, but some classic pieces will always be in style) or giving your old pieces to people you know will appreciate them, such as the less fortunate. Whatever you do, don’t throw away old items of clothing, decor or furniture because someone else will probably be able to find use for them!

Clothing can even be recycled, in the same way that plastic bottles, tins and other waste products can be broken down and made into new items. Vintage clothing, household items and furniture can also be upcycled, where they are altered in a way to make a new product without starting from scratch (see the upcycled leather jewelry from Lehza Vintage!)

There are so many ways to Reuse and Recycle vintage products in fun, interesting and beautiful ways in order to Reduce your consumption and waste and live a more sustainable, green life.


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