Sizing & Condition Guide

Sizing information

Sizing of clothing currently on the market is different to vintage sizing. Most vintage sizes run a lot smaller than modern sizes, so you can't always rely on what is printed on the label of a vintage garment. Thus, every item of clothing on our website is listed according to actual modern-day South African (or UK) size and fit. These sizes are all estimates, as modern sizing isn't even standard across brands and countries. For reference, we like to use Woolies sizing as a guideline.

Women's size guide

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Condition Guide

Mint/ As new - The vintage piece is as perfect and pristine as the day it was originally sold, showing absolutely no signs of wear. 

Excellent - The vintage piece shows only the slightest signs of being worn or aging.

Very good - The piece shows typical, although minor, signs of wear or age.

Good - The vintage piece is considered wearable but has some surface flaws i.e. staining, soiling or colour damage.

Fair - The item is wearable but shows significant signs of wear, although in many cases, some of these pieces can be restored.