Guide to Types of Handbags

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Ever been confused about all the names for different styles of bags? Let us help you out by explaining the most popular current styles…

Shoulder tote

A large shoulder bag with a long strap in which you could fit everything from your mobile phone to to your PSP to your cute small dog!

Clutch purse

Small, usually rectangular bag for only the essentials with a top opening. Carried/ clutched in your hand (hence the name) or by a wrist strap.


Usually rectangular shaped bag, often with a top handle and long strap that can be worn across the chest. Traditionally used to carry books in, but can now be worn as a really trendy everyday bag by both men and women.

Messenger bag

Bag with a front flap, making it easy to access the contents quickly. It has a long strap, usually worn across the chest.

Sling bag

Very similar to the messenger bag as it is also worn across the chest, but is usually smaller.

With so many options of handbags available to choose from Lehza Vintage, a girl never has to leave the house empty-handed!

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