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Some of you may have heard of the book My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss based on her blog by the same name. I have yet to buy it (New Year’s Resolution perhaps?) but completely love the concept.

My Gran, Hope Strachan, is a total fashion icon in her own right. One of the most ladylike and kind women I’ve ever encountered, she also turns out to have been a stylish glamazon back in the day. She did a lot of theatre work during her varsity years, hence the numerous glamour shots (used for promotional purposes), and was a primary school teacher for most of her life (she taught pretty much the whole of my Mom’s generation from Somerset West – where we all have called ‘home’ our entire lives) whilst raising three little girls on her own.

Despite now turning 81 on Thursday, she still never leaves the house without at least some lipstick or blusher and her earrings (she still wears the pair visible in the last picture below!) and is always as cheerful as ever. I simply had to share these amazing pictures from the 50s of my Gran, the Style Icon.

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