Springs of Oriental Wisdom

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Last week was crazy busy for me. Amid sourcing new items for Spring/ Summer (you should see the little dresses and tops I found – too cute!), running around doing mundane errands, having my dog Dougie over to play on Saturday afternoon (he’s such a busy little handful, I must admit I was relieved to drop him back off at my Dad after 3 hours) and finally finding some time to unwind at the beach yesterday with friends, I was left with little to no time to blog. I found this old mini book while on one of my sourcing trips – Springs of Oriental Wisdom. I contains all the bits of calming wisdom I need right now. I put it on my nightstand with the intention of reading one quote every morning, but somehow I ended up reading the whole book 3 nights in a row – that’s how addictive it is. Hope you find these snippets as inspiring as I do…

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