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Needless to say, I’m a vintage junkie myself. I sell vintage, wear vintage and breathe vintage. Here are my top reasons why you should love vintage too…

One-of-a-kind style: Most vintage pieces we buy are unique, because they can’t be found mass produced at every chain store. The odds are you won’t find someone else wearing the exact same vintage piece as you, or at least not in the same way, and this gives your style some individuality. Vintage items are often hand made too, so they might be limited, if not unique items that only you own.

Some things never go out of style: Certain pieces, like a tailored jacket, little black dress, or perfect leather handbag will always be in fashion, thus you can wear these items over and over again without looking dated. Fashions work in cycles and styles from the past are constantly being reinvented, so you can never go wrong buying classic vintage gems or working in quirky pieces to your outfit to compliment modern trends.

Save yourself some cash: Vintage clothing and accessories are usually far cheaper than comparable items in the shops at the mall and are often much better quality considering the price. Saving money on most of your clothes means you can put away more money for a rainy day, or save up for a splurge on something you’ve always wanted.

Save the planet: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Wearing vintage is an environmentally friendly choice as by reusing or recycling  clothing that has already been worn, you are reducing wasteful spending. On a larger scale, you are not contributing towards exploiting natural resources and the pollution involved in producing new clothes, and you are sparing those items from being dumped on a landfill.

Celebrities wear vintage too: Some top celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Rachel Zoe, Chloe Sevigny and many others regularly wear vintage garments, in their everyday lives and even to some high-profile events. Hey, if it’s good enough for Drew Barrymore, who are we to argue?

It’s nostalgic: I hope I’m not alone on this one, but I love the smell and feel of old things. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that someone else too cherished a certain piece that I now own. I wonder about the history of the piece – the interesting person who wore it, places it may have visited. Wearing vintage is like wearing a piece of history.

Join the club: There is a widespread community for vintage shoppers. Especially in Cape Town, there is an abundance of vintage sellers, collectors and markets dedicated to these enthusiasts. There is a large community online (just check out some blogs, forums and social networks devoted to vintage) and offline of women who have at least one thing in common: the love of vintage.

Vintage is cool: Wearing vintage is trendy and and popular at the moment. Women everywhere are talking about the awesome vintage pieces they’re buying. Although this isn’t necessarily the number one reason to start wearing vintage; if you like shopping for vintage for other reasons, this is definitely just another of the many perks of wearing vintage.

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