Fabulous Vintage Hairstyles From The Jazz Age

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When you think of hair styles from the 1920's, you typically imagine a flapper with a glossy short bob, or pin curls and finger waves. Not all women cut their hair off to achieve this look, however; some women pulled their hair into the nape of their neck and wound it in a neat chignon or knot, to create the illusion of a bob. Short hair was preferred though, as it was much easier to maintain and style in the elaborate do's of the day.

Women used water combs to style and set their wet hair, or combed and pinched their hair into finger waves, using styling lotion. Until their hairstyles were completely set, women would protect their hair with fine nets made of real human hair. Chemical treatments for "permanent" signature waves also became accessible.

Louise Brooks
Marcel Waves
Irene Delroy
Josephine Baker
Bebe Daniels
Natacha Rambova
Louise Brooks
Arlette Marchal
Esther Ralston

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