50's Fashion Photography by Norman Parkinson

1940s 1950s audrey hepburn black and white fashion glamour modern norman parkinson photography vogue

Norman Parkinson (1913 – 1990) was one of England's most distinguished portrait and fashion photographers. He regarded himself as more of a craftsman than artist. His work helped revolutionize the world of British photography in the 1940s, by removing his models from the stuffy photography studios of the day to the dynamic outdoors. I love the ethereal, painterly quality to his work and the striking poses of the models.
Anne Gunning wearing a red chiffon evening dress in British Vogue, November 1956
Audrey Hepburn, US Glamour, 1955
British Vogue, November 1956
Autumn brilliance, British Vogue, August 1957
Photographed at the Red Fort for British Vogue, November 1956
British Vogue, November 1956
Precision Built: jets and suits, all-British, British Vogue, February 1954
Scandinavia (Wenda Parkinson and Furniture), British Vogue, July 1955
The Amber Palace, British Vogue, November 1956
(All photos © Norman Parkinson / courtesy Norman Parkinson Archive)

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