Glamorous 1930s Swimsuit Babes

1930s bathing suit beach Betty Grable black and white fashion Lucille Ball Mary Carlisle photography summer swimsuit swimwear

Up until the 1930s bathing suits were made of real wool (and got real saggy and heavy when wet - ew). With the invention of yarn covered in rubber in 1931, swimsuits became stretchier, thinner and more comfortable to wear. 1930s swimsuits were generally made from cotton or rayon with built-in support. Outdoor leisure activities such as swimming became a popular past time for people of all economic classes, not just for those who lived near the beach. Enjoy these snaps of 1930s babes modelling the swimwear styles of the decade.
From left to right: Gertrude Michael, Judith Barrett, and Mary Carlisle
Alice White
Anita Louise
Ann Dvorak
Anna May Wong
Betty Grable
Carole Lombard
Dorothy Arnold
Dorothy Dare
Dorothy Sebastian
Ginger Rogers
Karen Morley
Lucille Ball
Margaret Lockwood

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