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Vintage Dresses, Skirts, Blouses & more just in

autumn clothes clothing denim dress dresses new arrivals skirt skirts summer tops vintage

It's Fri-yay which happens to be Upload Day this week! Just in: vintage dresses, pleated skirts, printed blouses and more. Scroll down for a sneak peek or click on the button below to view the full new range.

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These are the good old days - New Arrivals from Lehza Vintage

blouses clothes clothing dress dresses new arrivals skirts summer tops vintage

These quality hand-selected pieces are looking for a new life. Don't let them pass you by - every garment is one of a kind, so no one else will have them. Indulge your nostalgia with clothes you wish your mother kept for you!

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Vintage Dresses, Blouses & Skirts Just In!

blouses clothes clothing dress dresses new arrivals skirt skirts summer tops vintage

One of our favourite batches of authentic vintage clothing in a long time has just dropped on the store and you'll be kicking yourself later if you miss this! Too many pretty things to show here - click on the button below to browse.

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Glamorous 1930s Swimsuit Babes

1930s bathing suit beach Betty Grable black and white fashion Lucille Ball Mary Carlisle photography summer swimsuit swimwear

Up until the 1930s bathing suits were made of real wool (and got real saggy and heavy when wet - ew). With the invention of yarn covered in rubber in 1931, swimsuits became stretchier, thinner and more comfortable to wear. 1930s swimsuits were generally made from cotton or rayon with built-in support. Outdoor leisure activities such as swimming became a popular past time for people of all economic classes, not just for those who lived near the beach. Enjoy these snaps of 1930s babes modelling the swimwear styles of the decade.

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Swimsuit Fashion Spread From 1950: "Less bones, less nudity, more curves"

1950s 50s fashion magazines style summer swimsuit swimwear

Take a look at this fascinating article from Holiday magazine (June 1950) titled "1950: A Good Round Figure". Apparently women were about to look more like "natural" women that Summer, instead of "being disguised as little boys or long distance swimmers". American designers were going for a more modest, "feminine" look than their French counterparts, who were veering towards bikinis. Isn't it interesting how fashion trends influence not only how we adorn ourselves, but also how we view and manipulate our bodies?

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