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Find of The Week – Vintage Chiffon Formal Dress

chiffon clothing dress evening Find of the Week formal gown pink vintage vintage dresses

The allure of a tastefully made, feminine vintage evening gown is undeniable. No doubt there are some questionable ones which I have come across on my vintage-hunting adventures (i.e. most of those with puffed sleeves, 5cm thick shoulder pads and a cut that wouldn’t flatter anyone). But this one, in a subtle dusty pink hue, […]

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Prom is round the corner!

bridal couture evening bag evening wear fashion formal General matric farewell prom senior dance versace vintage clutch bag vtg bag wedding

It’s almost that time of year again! Prom (or as we call it here in South Africa, Matric Farewell) is round the corner and I know all you lovely ladies probably have almost every aspect of your look ready for the most fabulous night of your high school career; from your perfect dress to what […]

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