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Vintage Ballet Styled Shoot With Sven Kristian

art ballet cape town editorial fashion nicole danielle photo shoot photography style sven kristian

A few weeks ago I was approached by Nicole Danielle, a Cape Town based fashion stylist and Sven Kristian, an international fine art photographer who has done work for many large companies and publications. They wanted to feature some Lehza Vintage skirts in an upcoming styled shoot, so of course I said yes. I'm blown away by the talent and emotion behind these images and I'm sure you'll be too.

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Autumn kinda mood ūüćā Vintage dresses, jackets & more just in

autumn clothes clothing coat dress dresses fashion jacket jackets new arrivals skirts vintage vintage clothing winter

We're in an Autumn kinda mood... Vintage dresses, some jackets, blouses and skirts for transitional weather just in. LOTS not shown below - scroll down for a sneak peek or click here to view the full new range.

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50's Fashion Photography by Norman Parkinson

1940s 1950s audrey hepburn black and white fashion glamour modern norman parkinson photography vogue

Norman Parkinson¬†(1913 ‚Äď 1990) was one of England's most distinguished portrait and fashion photographers. He regarded himself as more of a craftsman than artist. His work helped revolutionize the world of British photography in the 1940s, by removing his models from the stuffy photography studios of the day to the dynamic outdoors. I love the ethereal, painterly quality to his work and the striking poses of the models.
Anne Gunning wearing a red chiffon evening dress in British Vogue, November 1956
Audrey Hepburn, US Glamour, 1955

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Fabulous Vintage Hairstyles From The Jazz Age

1920s 20s beauty fashion flapper gatsby hair hairstyles jazz age photography vintage vintage hairstyles

When you think of hair styles from the 1920's, you typically imagine a flapper with a glossy short bob, or pin curls and finger waves. Not all women cut their hair off to achieve this look, however; some women pulled their hair into the nape of their neck and wound it in a neat chignon or knot, to create the illusion of a bob. Short hair was preferred though, as it was much easier to maintain and style in the elaborate do's of the day.

Women used water combs to style and set their wet hair, or combed and pinched their hair into finger waves, using styling lotion. Until their hairstyles were completely set, women would protect their hair with fine nets made of real human hair. Chemical treatments for "permanent" signature waves also became accessible.

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Glamorous 1930s Swimsuit Babes

1930s bathing suit beach Betty Grable black and white fashion Lucille Ball Mary Carlisle photography summer swimsuit swimwear

Up until the 1930s bathing suits were made of real wool (and got real saggy and heavy when wet - ew). With the invention of yarn covered in rubber in 1931, swimsuits became stretchier, thinner and more comfortable to wear. 1930s swimsuits were generally made from cotton or rayon with built-in support. Outdoor leisure activities such as swimming became a popular past time for people of all economic classes, not just for those who lived near the beach. Enjoy these snaps of 1930s babes modelling the swimwear styles of the decade.

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