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Japanese Women's Fashion from the 1960s

1960s 60s clueless dresses fashion japan japanese magazine miniskirt vintage

After World War II, Japanese fashion was highly influenced by the West, as you can see by these amazing spreads from a Japanese fashion magazine Young Woman (1969). Western style silhouettes such as the mini skirt and slim fitting dresses can be seen, sometimes in a subtle traditional Japanese floral print, merging the two worlds together. I'm obsessed with these looks which are giving me 90s Clueless vibes and would be totally wearable today.

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Summer Fashion Guide from the 60s

60s apartheid blue dresses fashion General guide housewives magazine sixties south africa summer swimsuit vintage

I discovered this Summer Fashion Guide, supplement to Femina & Woman’s Life Magazine August 1964, while scratching around through drawers of junk at my dad’s house (I get my hoarding talent from him). The pictures in it are beautiful and when reading the descriptions and original prices in it I feel like I am transported […]

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